Growing Music ... On Planet Earth

Music is very important. The art of personal expression, to me, is a life long relationship. At Lake Of The Pines Music, the kids who were nine years old when they started taking lessons here are now 14. A simple E major chord played on a beat up guitar is now something else. What that something else is, is different for each of us who hears the music.

So it is now that Lake of the Pines Music has given birth to Planet Earth Music, a non-profit music kitchen where the next generation of musical artists can be fed and learn to feed the art they are gifted with.

With music education these days being given the lowest priority within our existing educational systems, Planet Earth Music seeks to allow that most natural of events to occur. The growth of personal expression through music.

This is not my idea. The kids have told me this is what they want. I was one of them once. I had people who helped me hear me way back when. I was taught what was in my head was valuable. Wanting to pass that on is a no brainer.

If nothing else, Planet Earth is my wish to plant what was planted in me. Every time I hear a kid say..”hey mikel, listen to this”, I do.

Planet Earth. Listen.

You may want to get involved. I hope so. See where you fit in. We need stuff, we need currency, we need your labor, your ideas and we’ll need you to volunteer and who knows, you may have an important part to play in all this that neither of us know about yet.

Most of all we just need YOU to say yes. This is just beginning. To check out the site, click below.
Planet Earth Music

thanx, mikel

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